Circle Skirts & Chiffon In A Psychedelic Japanese Garden…

One of the things I love most about New York City is the fantastic & wide selection of interactive art. I have never been very good at simply looking at a picture hanging on a wall, even though I appreciate it. I am much more excited by something I can engage with, something I can explore on my own terms.

So it makes sense that when I heard about Park Here, a fake indoor park constructed to help keep the winter blues away, I knew I had to visit immediately, if not sooner!

I met Lydia Hudgens & Rachel Rabbit White there, with a big box of cupcakes & a sense of adventure… & it was even more sublime than I had hoped!

Park Here takes up the entirety of Openhouse Gallery: two huge rooms & a mezzanine entrance. The ground is covered in brilliant green (fake) grass; there are cherry blossoms dangling off the tips of long brown branches. A rose bush nestles up against the side of a park bench. There are hammocks & picnic tables, hanging lanterns & a baby elephant, & best of all, the walls are covered in immense photographs of trees in full bloom.

Of course, it was WARM in there, too! I’d say it’s the absolute perfect place to escape the cold, sad doldrums. Just stroll on over, spread out one of their red & white checked picnic blankets, lie down, & relax.

It also has wifi. Hello, new workspace!

I was in black, gold & leopard-print to mark the occasion. I wore…

Vintage leopard-print coat, from Decades in Salt Lake City
Star cluster collar from TopShop
Black tank top by ASOS. You can’t really see the shape of it because my hair is covering it, but it has a delightfully high neck with exposed shoulders, & it’s SO flattering.
Vintage 1950’s black & gold circle skirt, bought at Decades in SLC. Funnily enough, when I was in Las Vegas last year, Kelly & I found an EXTREMELY similar skirt in a vintage store there! She snapped it up — & of course, styled it impeccably. Isn’t it interesting to see how two different people wear the same item? I think it’s fascinating!
Black stockings
Dr Marten Darcie boots

It’s such an easy outfit but it really works. Love!

The park was so much fun, & we felt so silly taking photos there. Everyone else was just relaxing, while we were primping & preening & posing! With our outfits, the background & the retro music playing, it all felt VERY 1950’s prom!

I’ve spent quite a lot of time with Rabbit recently, & it’s always a total delight. Basically, Rabbit is a beautiful goddess, & goddess is not a word I use… ever. You need to get familiar with her! In addition to her blog, you should also look at her Tumblr. You will love it, I promise.

Soon, though, it was time to put our coats back on, & head out into the blustering cold… It definitely awoke my desire for a beautiful spring & summer! I can’t wait!

Park Here is open until the 15th of February — hey, it would make for a really cute Valentine’s Day date! — & you should definitely check it out!

Photos by — who else?! — the incredible Lydia Hudgens. By the way, if you’re going to be in town for NYFW, you should have her shoot you! Get in touch!

Love & cherry blossoms,