Clueless + The Craft + Heathers = Croquet, Anyone?

Clueless + The Craft + Heathers = Croquet, Anyone?

“Dear Diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body-count.” Oh, Winona! This outfit makes me think of what might happen if Nancy from The Craft and Cher from Clueless were forced to hang out in Palm Springs with the Heathers. Don’t you think?

After a week of dressing up and being fancy in the desert, it was time for Shauna and I to head back to Los Angeles. For a two-hour road-trip, you want to be comfortable… So I chose this very simple (and inexpensive) ensemble.

I didn’t take the croquet stick to L.A. with me, though. Sigh.

Did I ever tell you I used to play croquet in high school? I was even captain of the team. Playing a sport was compulsory at my school, so I formed a croquet team with some other well-intentioned slackers and we’d play at the Kelburn Croquet Club. Mostly, we ran around in our socks, while little old ladies made us big jugs of Raro and fed us chocolate-chip cookies.

It was probably one of the highlights of my high school experience, actually.

Clueless + The Craft + Heathers = Croquet, Anyone?

This outfit would not have been possible without a random trip to Target.

The day before these photos were taken, Kat and I hopped in a cab and headed to a Target in the middle of nowhere, so I could scope out the Peter Pilotto range (which was exciting in and of itself, since the closest Target to me is in New Jersey!). I didn’t buy any Peter Pilotto — I thought the fit was weird, and they’d sold out of the pieces I really wanted — but it was a pretty good trip! I spotted this skirt out of the corner of my eye, and quickly shimmied it on over my clothes to check the fit. (I’m weird like that.) I think it is so cute and perfect: you just fling it on and go! It’s a soft scuba material and best of all, it was a paltry $22.99.

I also roamed the cosmetics aisles like a crazed lunatic, and snapped up Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Pretty Pink, which I am wearing in these pictures, as well as a whole lot of Napoleon Perdis’ range for Target, called NP Set. I’m loving his bronzer, contouring set and lipstick!

I’m wearing: Celine sunglasses; an evil eye necklace I bought in Santorini (I never take it off, this is similar and gorgeous!); moon necklace c/o Lola James; rose lace plunge bra by Victoria’s Secret Pink (so comfortable); tank top from Forever 21 ($4!); Mossimo skirt from Target; boots by Dr Marten.

I feel like I’ve been wearing these boots forever. They just will not die, and I can’t tell you much angst it causes my heart that Dr Martens don’t make the style anymore, especially since recommending something that’s not in production just feels cruel. If you’re on the hunt for DMs with heels, you have a few options: they now do the Sadie, Alodie (cute!) and Casey. Although, you can sometimes snap up a pair of Darcies on eBay or Etsy, so scope ’em out if you’re keen.

Clueless + The Craft + Heathers = Croquet, Anyone?

I think the best thing about this outfit is just that it’s such a cheapie. You really don’t have to break the bank in order to feel comfortable and look cute; you can even buy an almost perfect knock-off of my Celine sunglasses on Amazon. And as much as I love to embrace colour, sometimes wearing black is just the easiest — and most chic — thing to do.

Clueless + The Craft + Heathers = Croquet, Anyone?

In other news, one day I hope to have a hedge fence of my very own… despite the fact that I kept calling it a “fedge hence” by mistake!

Fingers crossed for Spring,

Photos by FX Media.