Concealer Recommendations

“I need a new concealer. I don’t particularly want to spend heeeps of money on it but I want it to be a good one and to last a while (ie not a tube skinnier than my pinkie finger!). I like to use the creamier ones (as opposed to a concealer stick) I find these blend a lot easier. Do you have any suggestions?”

Why, of course I do!

I am a total M.A.C. fiend, as we all know by now, so I’ll tell you what I’ve used by them.

I currently use M.A.C. Select Moisturecover, which comes in a tube with a little fuzzy wand applicator. I never use the fuzzy wand though, I find the design a bit counter-intuitive & it doesn’t give me a lot of control. Instead, a dab a little of the concealer on my finger & apply it that way. It gives pretty good coverage, especially underneath the eyes (which is where I generally need it, I am Little Miss Dark Circles!).

In the past I used M.A.C. Select Cover-Up. It looks like the smallest tube ever, but I have only ever used this & the Select Moisturecover above… & I have only ever bought one of each. Seriously, this stuff lasts for YEARS. It’s very good for light coverage.

I am, however, intrigued by M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35. I suspect it’s a bit heavy, being “studio fix” (& especially given that it says it will cover tattoos), but I have recently discovered that I quite like heavy coverage. If you apply a studio product lightly (much less than you normally would), it looks fantastic — really natural, it gives a beautiful effect. Sometimes the M.A.C. girls will ask if you’re sure you want to buy any of the studio products, especially if you have good skin — but for days when you feel like you want a really good, clean look (most days, for me), the studio products are great.

Hope this helps madame! I’m almost out of Select Moisturecover & think my next purchase will be the Studio Finish Concealer for sure.