Confetti Cannons And Gold Pineapples In London!


The Blogcademy has been an incredible ride. When we kicked off in 2012, we had no idea whether we could even fill a room. What started in New York City has since expanded to an alumni of well over 1000 women, taught across three continents. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created, or of our students, who have gone on to do incredible things.

Our most recent class in London was one for the record books. Held at our favourite venue, Curtain Road Studios, we hosted 30 bodacious babes for an extremely fun weekend.



Class always starts off the same way: a big, clean, white room, with some 90s tunes. But soon, the room is full of babes in colourful clothes, excess glitter, and — in this case — golden pineapples and confetti. (Also known as my idea of paradise.)


Meow. Michael Jackson, are those your loafers?!


We had the geniuses from Bespoke Bride help us out with decor and we were so delighted with what they brought to the table! I love this combination of blue, pink, gold, black and yellow. Perfect.


The London goodie bag was jam-packed with awesomeness, like this planner from Veronica Dearly and rad pencils by Oh Squirrel! (My favourite one said Don’t be a dick. Good advice!)


I’m obsessed with this Finders Keepers skirt. Best colour, and it’s comfortable, casual and dressy all at the same time. (It runs a little small, so keep that in mind when ordering!)


Stop, selfie time!


So much cuteness. I get little crushes on every single class. How could I not?! (Especially in those Crown & Glory ears!)


So normal.


Jessica from Bespoke Bride getting down and dirty with her decor. What a cutie.




A couple of confetti cannons are essential good-time artillery!


Bisoux to our babe Jessica for helping us out… And being so tropical!


Our still life activity break is one of the most fun parts of the weekend. Yes, you will learn how to take sick Instagram photos! Yes, you will kneel on the floor with a bunch of your belongings! Yes, it is really, really enjoyable!


I love Steph. She’s awesomeness incarnate.




Oh, these nuts. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…


Good news, everyone! We’re holding two more Blogcademy classes in the USA this year — and with the exception of a London class in 2016, we’re done! This is it, y’all. If you want to join us to learn how to make your blog better, come one, come all.

We’re in San Francisco on September 12-13, and in New York City on September 19-20. Click here for all the details!


We’d love to see you in the good old U.S.A. in September! We’ll bring the confetti… You bring the smiles!

Kisses and confetti,

Photos by Sarah Kuszelewicz/Chellise Michael Photography. Video by Long Haul Films