Corset Remix


The other day, a friend & I were discussing our old gothic predilections. It turned out we were both harbouring corsets in our closets, but since we both felt like we had moved past our old style, didn’t really know what to do with them. Corsets, especially the good ones, tend to be really expensive & some of them are gorgeous pieces of work. Too precious to throw out or give away, but too ‘goth’ to wear.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised there was a middle ground.

If you, like us, are in a similar situation, try these suggestions…

Wear your corset over a dress for added structure, fanciness & a super-cinched waist. This is an especially good way to wear a dress that normally isn’t too flattering or you or doesn’t showcase your shape! Try your corset over all types of dresses: you’ll be surprised at how often it works. Vintage dresses, silk sundresses, little black dresses…

If you want to retain the attitude of a good corset, sling it over the top of a crisp white shirt (with puff sleeves, perhaps?), a skinny black tie & a black high-waisted pencil skirt. Add seamed stockings & killer heels into the mix, & with cat’s eye glasses & your hair in a bun you’re ready to dish out some discipline!

…Or for a slightly less rigid look, put it over the aforementioned crisp white shirt & pair with your favourite jeans.

A corset is a fantastic addition to any garment which doesn’t have a lot of shape. Think of it as a big belt! See Lisa’s outfit for an example of how you can pull this off effectively. (Ahh, I love her, she’s so cute!)

Wear your (overbust) corset underneath a blazer with a slinky skirt. Only do up a couple of the blazer’s buttons for sex appeal plus plus!

But if you absolutely cannot fathom wearing your corset again — Chartreuse memories, perhaps, or maybe it just doesn’t fit any more — you can always have it framed or hang it above your bed as a gorgeous installation piece. I’m picturing it undone with the laces flying behind it…

Happy tight-lacing!

(I was obsessed with Roxanne for YEARS…)