This is a public service announcement!

It is rather sad for me to have to tell you this, but as of now, my columns in Cosmopolitan magazine are no longer.

I was head-hunted by their editor back in June, & had an amazing few months getting to know the team & writing columns. But sadly, the editor left (to climb mountains in Tibet!) & now there is a new woman at the helm, taking things in a different direction. They are not commissioning any regular columns — meaning I will no longer be making any appearances between their shiny pages.

(On the other hand, one of my articles is about to be published in Cleo’s online magazine, Cleo Click, which goes on sale in Australia on January 9th.)

I loved writing for Cosmopolitan & being involved with their magazine, so it is really disappointing that it had to come to an end. Regardless, I choose to see it as the universe nudging me towards something bigger, better & brighter for 2008… & I look forward to seeing what it is!