Count Your Blessings: 3 Ways To Create A Regular Gratitude Practice, And How To Elevate It To The Next Level!

Practicing gratitude on a regular basis — otherwise known as counting your blessings — can completely transform your life. I’ve been doing it almost every day since 2006, and I credit it with helping me to see the world in a totally new way. When you count your blessings, life is more beautiful, and you’ll experience much more inner joy.

But what if you’re not sure where to start with gratitude? How about if you’re an old pro at being thankful? Check out my video below!

In it, I show you three ways to cultivate a fun — and easy — regular gratitude practice, as well as teach you how to elevate your gratefulness to a WHOLE new level of supersonic awesomeness!



Okay, now that you know the secrets to being thankful, click through to Youtube and tell me 5 things you’re happy about RIGHT now!

I’m thankful for YOU!