Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, & Live Like You Mean It!

Kris Carr

I was so excited to get a package from Kris Carr recently. Kris Carr is a dynamic force to be reckoned with; I’ve met her a few times, & her light shines so BRIGHT! She’s cool & real & she’s smart as hell.

Kris is a major raw food advocate (which of course makes me LOVE her more than you could possibly imagine!), & her story is a remarkable one. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2003 (yes, really!), she directed & starred in a documentary about her journey called Crazy Sexy Cancer for TLC. After that, she wrote two books: Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips & Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor: More Rebellion and Fire for Your Healing Journey. Her words & actions have brought encouragement & hope to thousands of people across the world dealing with the big C. Awesome, right?

Well, Kris believes that prevention is the best cure–& in her experience, eating your veggies, reducing your stress levels & drinking lots of yummy green juice is the way to do that. So she’s written a book for the rest of us: the raw-curious girls & boys!

There are so many books about raw food, but there are none so welcoming, friendly & laden with “fuck yeah” energy as this one! What should you be looking for?

Crazy Sexy Diet

In Crazy Sexy Diet, you’ll learn how to eat your way to health, vitality & a great ass! (Seriously, have you seen hers?) With a great introduction explaining Kris’ journey from NYC party girl to glowing self-care activist, you’ll find out how to switch up your diet so that all your cells glow from the inside out. You’ll discover how to navigate a supermarket (& make sense of those treacherous ingredient lists), all about sexy, body-friendly cosmetics & plenty of tips on how to make juice, not war! There’s a gentle, 21-day cleanse in the back if you want to kick-start your incandescence, too!

Kris has gone out of her way to make everything simple & easy to digest (ha!). Her passion for self-care leaps off the page, & she is clearly a radical self-love warrior of the highest order!

It’s not all her way or the highway, either. There are guest chapters from Rory Freedman (co-author of game-changing tome Skinny Bitch), Dr. Alejandro Junger (creator of the Clean Program!), Neal Barnard (author of Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life), Kathy Freston, Brian Clement (co-director of Hippocrates Health Institute), Dr. Mark Hyman & Emily Deschanel (yeah, sister of Zooey!), as well as rave reviews from Marianne Williamson & Donna Karan!

Still not sure? You can preview chapter one here!

I love Kris & I love her book. Reading it was the push I needed to get stuck into the Clean Program (which I am enjoying SO much!), & it has been a great reminder to take care of myself. I’m positive you will find it just as inspiring!

Kris Carr & Dr OzKris Carr & Dr. Oz! Cheers!