Curious Tuesday!

ShaeMy gorgeous friend Shae!


If you’re new here, a little intro… Curious Tuesday is a weekly event where we peer into one another’s brains & have a good poke around! I ask questions (usually five) & invite everyone to answer in the comments section. You can, of course, post your answers elsewhere, or just read through everyone else’s if you’re not feeling exhibitionistic!

Here are some of my favourite answers from last week!

1. If it was your birthday tomorrow, what would be on your wishlist?

“A silver tooth necklace, and a picnic w/drunken tree climbing. And a birthday spanking.” — Vivi

“Ideally, a cute guy to spend the rest of my life with

“A capacious coffer FULL of confidence; A Hermès Birkin in black, orange or turquoise; A trip to Paris & NYC – to mark the BIG one; SHOES SHOES SHOES – I have seen at least 5+pairs I could easily welcome into my closet; A walk-in-room-robe, all meticulously sectioned & categorised, where EVERYTHING can be seen AND a 360degree-view mirror; A week-long celebration hot-footing it ALL over town with GOOD friends & my beautiful family.” — lulubrownskin

“My own office/library with the comfiest chair in the world, a balenciaga city bag in anthracite, and a shopping day where Alexander Skaarsgard would carry my bags and bring me a giant orange julius anytime I wanted.” — Ashley

2. Do you look after your nails? Do you paint them? If so, do you have a colour that you keep returning to again & again?

“the constant is that they are always trimmed ultra-short, sometimes I love the cleanliness of healthy, plain nails, & sometimes I love a splash of color. Black, grey, dark blue, sparkly blue & today: chipped lilac covered in “pink glitter gloss”. They look like unicorn puke.” — cosmosaur

3. What star sign are you, & do you think it is accurate?

“Sun in Capricorn, moon & acendant in virgo, and if it was any more descriptive of me, i’d swear they created astrology just to guide me through my life.” — A.Y. Daring

“I am a Scorpio. During my teenage years (I love to sound old) I trusted everything about Horoscopes, now I trust in myself!! But yes I am a badass just like my sign is!!” — Catarina

“I got divorced from my star sign long ago, and haven’t met it again ever since.” — Fayet

4. What is something you have recently learned to appreciate?

“From living in a foreign country for 2 years, and having to interact with so many different people, I’ve appreciated the values and general adaptability that were given to me by my dad.” — Emily

“Everything that’s going right and things that are going wrong but aren’t as bad as they could be. Also, the many uses of frozen peas.” — A.

“Being single. I hated it for so long and was really sad but now I am used to it and i feel that my time alone is valuable and good.” — erika

“Quiet time. Naps in the afternoon, preferably curled up with either my dog or my boy. Staying up reallllly late (even though I shouldn’t). Breathing deeply. Sand between my toes. Learning new things (I learned to surf this past weekend! Amazing!)” — KS

“listening to my guts. and brussels sprouts.” — anyarose

“um…salt and butter and carbonated water and cheese and APPLES! I spent a week in a hospital in russia with foodpoisoning and all they gave me to eat was oatmeal and boiling water.” — Lily

“I’ve learned to apreciate people with autism. I’ve learned that they’re not just emotionless jerks but that autism is a real disorder. I’ve been reading into the matter in order to understand a boy I really love and care for. We have had very deep conversations about his autism and now I understand what not to say/do in order to keep him happy and calm.” — Evelien D.

5. What is your favourite city in the world, & why?

“Hands down, Charleston, SC. A lot of my family history revolves around that city and I just LOVE the culture there. Something about buying boiled peanuts out of the back of a beat up 70’s truck on the side of the road makes me the happiest girl in the world.” — Kate

“Paris, Paris, Paris! I lived there as a kid, before I moved back to Rio de Janeiro, and sometimes I feel like I should never have left. You know when you just feel like you belong somewhere? The cafes, the bookstores, sitting on a park bench and eating cheap chinese food, eating croissants & crêpes & carambars & double-scooped raspberry and nutella ice-creams!” — Miss Sofia

“Kyoto. It’s like a dice with many sides, it’s a crazy bustle, it’s a calm temple scene, it’s shopping in the snow, it’s karaoke with mirror balls and smoke machines, it’s walking for miles, it’s vending machines with anything and everything you could ever want, it’s the people, it’s the memories.” — Scott

“Copenhagen! it’s beautiful, you can bike EVERYWHERE, there is a good mixture of small town and city and I’m pretty sure the Danish people are the nicest in the world. also their coins have hearts on them.. seriously.” — Sooz

Here are this week’s questions!

1. Where do you find inspiration?
2. Have you got any hobbies or interests you’ve let lapse & wish you would take up again?
3. One tea party. Ten invitations. Who do you invite?
4. Who was your favourite teacher at school & why?
5. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?

(Thanks to Depi, Hannah, Simika, Allyson & Jane Yee for the inspiration!)

Answers below, if you please!