Curious Tuesday!

Just one question…

What’s your favourite outfit?

The outfit which makes you feel most beautiful, powerful, confident & capable… & when you think (or look) back on it, what does that tell you about clothing & your personal style?

(Now don’t you wish you were taking daily outfit photos?!)

Pour moi? Well, I couldn’t pick just one.

My favourite outfits
25th birthday (2008); in Hollywood (2009); San Francisco (2010);East Village (2010); West Village (2009); Tompkins Square Park (2010).

After a quick look back through my Flickr account, I chose these six outfits as being my favourites. I remember them being comfortable, as well as feeling great & confident in them.

Clearly, pink is my power colour. When I wear it, I feel bold, powerful & invincible. Royal blue & turquoise have a similar effect. I love to cut my outfits with black, I embrace a cinched waist, & an a-line shaped skirt is my best friend. I feel amazing in Betsey Johnson designs (her pieces feature in half of the above outfits!). Oh, & I also feel more comfortable wearing something on my head than not!

I’d love to read your answers, & hear if doing this little exercise triggers any epiphanies!