Curious Tuesday!

Danger Diabolik!

I ask because recently I discovered someone had been using my Visa to play World of Warcraft! (Not very ambitious!) Then, when I mentioned it on Twitter, my friend Dawn told me someone had used her card to play The Sims! There are no words!

My answer:

I would take my inspiration from the movie Danger Diabolik… I would sleep in a pile of money & I would steal jewels for my best girlfriends! I would race around in a small sporty car & wear a black eye-mask. When I was tired from robbing banks & blowing things up with sticks of dynamite, I would book extravagant holidays in the Bahamas where I would lie on the beach, swim in turquoise pools & have luxurious beauty treatments… I would stock my pantry with black truffle oil & I would buy Agent Provocateur lingerie in every colour of the rainbow! I’d have a shoe closet which would bring mere mortals to tears. My secret underground lair would be full of chandeliers & fantastic wallpaper! & of course, I would spend a lot of money buying wonderful stationery, on which I would write cryptic & taunting letters to the authorities!

You need to see this movie!
Danger Diabolik!What would you do with a trillion bucks?

P.S. I’m just about to dash out the door & go to a meeting, but as soon as I come back, I’ll post the winner of the Dress Gala competition! Thanks for your patience! xox