Cute Coats (& How To Wear Them)

So, you’ve read How To Buy A Winter Coat. Now you just need to decide what you want! Here are some of my top picks & a few tips on how to wear them.

Cute coats!

Splash out on a hooded waterproof jacket in a bright colour that you love & matches the rest of your wardrobe. Wear it on days when you want to bring a little excitement to your rainy city! Bonus points: Buy an umbrella in a matching colour for undeniable adorability!

Cute coats!

Hunt out a cropped little leather jacket for maximum versatility. They’re super-warm & totally chic. Pair it with feminine pieces (like fitted skirts & high heels) to make a stylish impact & avoid the “Where’d you park your Harley?” comments! Bonus points: Buy a vintage leather jacket on Ebay — you’ll get a good deal, & even better, it’ll be original!

Cute coats!

Invest in a tuxedo jacket to dress up sleek, simple outfits. Team black & white with one other accent colour & you’ll feel like the cutest girl on the street. Don’t be afraid to wear fun, silly accessories! Bonus points: Tuxedo jackets work really well over formal cocktail dresses — kind of like you stole your lover’s jacket to keep you warm.

Cute coats!

Swoon over a dress coat if you live in a really cold climate or your boss is a sadist who keeps the office freezing at all times! A great dress coat can be your entire outfit if you want it to be, but it also adds flair to anything underneath. Bonus points: Buy a fabulous belt in a contrasting colour to wear over the top & add shape to your outfit!


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