Cute Tabi Socks And The Footwear Conundrum

Okay, this deserves a post all of its own.

I love these socks by Tokyomade so much.

The question is… how would you wear them? You could pair them with ballet flats but I don’t know if geishas & ballet really mix. Plus, their cute toe-snuggling design would be hidden.

The only way you could really get proper mileage out of them would be to wear them with jandals (see also: flip-flops, etc.), but how big a fashion faux pas is socks with sandals really?!

On July 19, 2005, some members of Northwestern University’s national champion women’s lacrosse team were criticized for wearing flip-flops to the White House to meet with President George W. Bush.

I wouldn’t dress up to meet him, either!

Anyway… socks. How would you do it? That’s the problem with socks, you know. I love them but most of the shoes I wear are not sock-revealing, or if they are, it would just look WRONG. I have an entire drawer full of stripey socks (an old obsession), but they barely get worn anymore. Hmm.

(Also, today I learned (from Wikipedia) that the word “jandal” is a New Zealandism which is a shortened form of “Japanese sandal”. Australians look at me like I am insane when I say jandal!)