Daily Outfit — 10th August 2009

Daily outfit

Hello! Greetings! This daily outfit was brought to you by the letters O, M & G, with a helping of “It’s 93 degrees, what the hell am I doing poncing around on a rooftop?”

Daily outfitHELLO, LOVER.
Daily outfit

Outfit details:

Hello! I have long hair again! Words cannot express how happy I am! It was done by Miss Bee Jellyfish, who did a STELLAR job & who I adore. We sat around at International Playgirl HQ watching television & having good, stimulating conversation. Additionally, she travels to L.A. quite a bit, so if you’re on the opposite coast & want GREAT hair, she is your girl!

Pink sequinned mouse ears from Disneyland (Nubby & Jazzi both arrive this week, so this is my excited visual salute to that — they were both with me when I picked this up!)

Vienna dress by Deux FM from Green Is Black — I just got this the other day & love it! It’s super-soft, made with bamboo & organic cotton, & it’s a really sexy, simple wrap dress. It’s also really versatile — after these photos, I slung it around my waist & knotted the straps to make it into a rad skirt.

Swarovski crystal-encrusted heart necklace bought on eBay (I have a lot of these in different colours, it is something of an obsession)

Thin pyramid stud belt from Forever 21

Sam Edelman Zoe booties, also known colloquially as “Faux-biagas”, ALSO known as the shoes I have been waiting several years for. The good news is that they are extremely comfortable — I wear them everywhere — & they’re really easy to walk in. I took the harnesses off for this outfit but you will see them in their full harnessed glory soon!

Famous 3-finger ring from GirlProps — pretty much the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen, hahahah.

Pink-stained fingernails courtesy of dying my hair without gloves, C-L-E-V-E-R!

Daily outfit
Daily outfit
Daily outfit