Daily Outfit — 10th July 2009… & An Announcement!

Daily outfit

Hello, daily outfit! Nice to see ya, to see ya NICE! (I’m not the only one who remembers Bruce Forsyth, surely…)

Daily outfit

Just chillin’ in the East Village. Or as some say, the E.Vil. (Cute.)

Vintage bowler hat from Screaming Mimi’s
Strapless polka-dot dress from Forever 21
Corset belt from Forever 21 (came off another dress)
Fingerless gloves from Charlotte Russe
Pink tie-dyed socks from Forever 21
Faux-Doc Martens from Forever 21

Additionally, the eye-shadow I’m wearing is #75 from Make Up For Ever! It is just as bright as it looks in the photos!

Daily outfit

I’m so xTUFFxCOREx! True that. Don’t mess with a girl in a bowler hat!

Additionally… you may have noticed that iCiNG has a brand new look! I AM SO EXCITED & I love it so much! Eeeeeee! It was designed by none other than Miss Nubby Twiglet (hire her!) & coded up by the brilliant Star St Germain! Didn’t they do a BRILLIANT job?! YAY! I love them! We’re still testing it, so there might be a few little glitches for the next little while — just sit tight!