Daily Outfit — 10th September 2007


Daily outfit

I am wearing…
Burberry hat
Pink glasses
Blue pashmina scarf (it was SO cold tonight!)
Grey v-neck long-sleeved t-shirt
Black & grey jersey with shoulder buckles which I have owned for YEARS. (I used to wear it with stripey socks & cute little pants which came to the knee, but one night I jumped a fence in an exuberant fashion & ripped them open!)
Black kilt from Sportsgirl
Black stockings
New Rock boots
Star-print handwarmers, made by my sweet friend Ana Steele
Heart-shaped clock necklace (hidden)


Voici, a close-up of the buckle.

We went to Soda Rock & it was GREAT! I had a burger, a cherry Coke (yum) & a hot fudge sundae (which, of course, I couldn’t finish). Here are some pictures of me being a dork… It’s my speciality!

Being a dork

Being a dork

I am not entirely sure what I am doing in those pictures. Please forgive me.