Daily Outfit: 12th July 2010

Daily outfit

Doing my best to take as many outfit photos for you as is humanly possible! Hope you’re enjoying them!

So, sadly, this is not what I ponced about in all day. I actually wore a pink nightgown tucked into a grey high-waisted skirt & motorcycle boots to a photoshoot. Then I spent a couple of hours in a grey robe, & after that I wore… well, you’ll just have to wait, won’t you! (I’ll spill the beans when I can. Unfortunately, I think it will be a few months until I can share!)

…But when I got home, I had a package from ModCloth waiting, & this is what was inside!

Daily outfit

I am LOVING this dress! It’s so soft & comfortable, & all those stripes give me excited palpitations!

Whisked Away Dress (thanks, ModCloth! This dress is sold out on the site, but if you put your email address into the “Notify Me On Restock” form, they’ll alert you if they get more in stock!)
Betsey Johnson Sally shoes
Mouse ears (Disneyland)
Crystal skull ring

It arrived a bit wrinkly, & as I don’t own an iron (I know, naughty!), I hung it over the shower & tried to steam it that way. It didn’t really work, & I was starting to despair when all of a sudden, I remembered that I owned a steamer! What?!

I was sent My Little Steamer a couple of months ago, & up until today it had been sitting in a brown cardboard box underneath my couch. But now! I had a reason to use it! & so, I did!

Daily outfit

I got to work a-steamin’ up a storm, & lo & behold, it worked! The only kicker is that this dress is h-u-g-e — it’s like wearing a big bedsheet! So I only steamed the front. Don’t tell anyone.

It’s an amazing steamer though, & totally does the trick. If you are like me — namely, lazy & afraid of ruining your things with flagrant misuse of an iron — you should look into getting one. They’re cheap cheap cheap, extremely portable & very easy to use.

Daily outfit

But ain’t it cute? It’s like Beetlejuice goes to the Hamptons. Definitely a great dress for a goth in transition! Or just someone who is obsessed with the visual impact of stripes, comme moi. Seems like I have been drawn to them a LOT, lately.

I love these shoes, too. They’re not too high so they’re fantastic for a casual summer shoe, & the fact that each shoe looks like half a bow, WELL, you just can’t beat that for a good time!

Daily outfit

This is the other view. The dress is cut much lower in the back — it would drag on the ground if I wasn’t wearing heels!

Daily outfit

Alright, over & out. The Dish & I are going to eat pasta, watch movies & hide from the rain! Enjoy the rest of your day!