Daily Outfit — 12th May 2007 (& Some Homeware)

Daily outfit

Teased hair, for the first time in ages!
American Apparel California Fleece Pullover Raglan Hoody Dress — longest name ever!
Black leggings
New Rock boots

I thought I would write a review of the American Apparel dress, for anyone who is interested. I’ll be reviewing the rest of the stuff I ordered from them throughout the week, so stay tuned!

The colour is ‘slate’, which in the photo looks grey, but in real life it’s not a particularly nice grey. It’s more like a faded blue than anything, kind of an in-between colour. This miffs me. if I could go back & do it again, I would have picked another colour (like cranberry or purple). Also, this dress is a medium, which is the only size it comes in. Bigger girls, beware — I usually wear an XS or XXS & this is a tight fight on me, especially when I’m trying to get my arms into it. It’s also not very long — I’m 169cm (5’5″) tall & it hits just underneath my booty. Cor blimey!

Okay, complaints aside! It is REALLY toasty warm & the fabric is lovely. It is very comfortable & I enjoy wearing it a lot. It looked mad cute with my super-teased hair & big sunglasses, I actually got stared at quite a lot when I had the impression I was going slightly incognito.

One comment I received was that it is “not very flattering” — they followed it up by saying that it showed off my legs but not my figure, per say. I suppose that’s true, but it’s not really meant to be a tight slinky little number. Also, this is about the most ‘athletic’ look I have ever sported in my entire life.

Yesterday’s purchases!

Cupcake mugs!Cupcake cups from Adairs.

How adorable are these? Wahhhh I love them! $6.95 from Adairs. They make me very happy.

Morgan & Finch bedspreadMorgan & Finch bedspread

This is a bedspread I have been lusting after for… umm… months now. We finally bought it. I adore the colours, it marks the beginning of my psychedelic grandma motif! $139.95 from Bed Bath & Table.

CandleA candle.

It was only $2.95 (from Bay Swiss) & I like the illustration. We also bought some little Japanese lanterns strung onto fairy lights, but they have yet to go up. Whee!