Daily Outfit — 13th January 2007

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Daily Outfit, 13th January 2007.

Long woolen cardigan from Ricochet
Olive green tunic-style dress (also from Ricochet)
Patterned stockings
Platform New Rock boots
Pink silk scarf around my neck
Black off-cut piece of cotton on my head

This is a strange outfit for me. I felt like a stylish digital spy or something. The tunic dress is amazing, I love it, but I barely ever wear it. I think because the weight of it is unusual — it’s usually not warm enough in winter but too heavy in summer. Today was one of those disturbingly seasonless days which seem to be occuring more often… so it seemed like a good time to wear it. Usually I wear it with a white shirt underneath — or at least, I used to when I worked in an office — though it looks good over a knit top too. The detailing on the shoulders is beautiful.

The black cotton on my head basically exists to cover my shocking, shocking regrowth. It’s a coarse solution but it works. I haven’t had my roots touched up since AUGUST last year. Amazing. This piece of fabric has done a lot for me over the years! I think I cut up a t-shirt one time & that is all that remains. It was my first experiment with wearing a scarf (or at least a makeshift scarf) on my head, & it kicked off my love affair… I have a whole drawer full, but some I love more than others! Head scarves are indispensable — they’re a great way to add colour to your outfit or disguise a bad hair day.