Daily Outfit — 13th March 2007

Daily outfit, 13th March 2007.

This is what I wore to see Hot Fuzz play at ACMI. I didn’t really think it would be to my taste, but it was made by the guys who did Shaun Of The Dead… & it was hilarious.

Pink & gold striped scarf
Cupcake hairclip
Robot earring
Pink collar
Shrinky necklace made by the incredible Sua from a Trevor Brown illustration! (Trevor Brown is my hero)
Blue & grey striped sweater (I got this from the wardrobe swap at the Melbourne Museum on Saturday)
Long white t-shirt
Black slip
White slip
Black stockings
Cowboy boots

You may think I am doing a weird pose in one of those photos. Well, I am doing the “I’m sick!” dance. Seriously, my voice is useless right now & I am sleeping a lot. It is a veritable cave of throat lozenges & soup up here in the iCiNG Bowl.