Daily Outfit — 14th June 2008

Daily outfit

Yesterday, my friend Jess & I went to the Cupcakes Take The Cake annual cupcake picnic in Central Park. It was GREAT! Here’s what I wore…

Fabulous dangly earrings from Tokyomade
“Crowning Your Beautiful Life” t-shirt: designed by Nubby Twiglet & for sale here!
Purple ruffle dress (bought on Broadway for a pittance)
Swarovski crystal bracelet, charm bracelet & 2 Tarina Tarantino rings
Trent Nathan handbag
Sunglasses from Forever 21
New Rock boots (best ever boots to shop in — they are still so comfortable, more than a decade later!)
Balloons: donated!

Daily outfit
This cupcake was so huge!


Just after the picnic ended, the city was struck by torrential rain & a booming thunderstorm. A bunch of us huddled under an awning on 72nd street for an hour (!) before disappearing into Jess’ hotel where we drank coffee & reclined on an enormous sofa. Later in the evening, with the rain still pounding, I ran to the subway station without an umbrella. Soaked through, yes indeed. The drowned rat look = not so chic!

P.S. I have big plans for this dress. Just you wait.