Daily Outfit — 16th June 2009

Daily outfit

This must have been one of my most popular outfits to date, at least in Alphabet City! I wore it to the coffee shop & the grocery store & lost count of how many people — young, old, men, women — told me they liked it. Let’s just say it was an attention-grabber!

My favourite thing is when 60 year old men tell me I look good, it is mad cute. The whole thing makes me feel so great that I always make a point of telling other people when I appreciate their style. You have to keep the whole cycle going!

Daily outfit

White frames from a street vendor (I also bought the same pair in blue)
Cupcake silhouette necklace from Cupcakes & Mace
Tea party dress from Forever 21
Floral-print belt from Forever 21 (off another dress)
Suspender belt & ripped stockings
Boots from TopShop
Tarina Tarantino rings
Long black cardigan from Ricochet (not pictured)
Magenta handbag from Matt & Nat (not pictured)

P.S. Forever 21 has an extremely rad selection of dresses right now; if you’re near one you should go & check it out! You will not be disappointed!