Daily Outfit — 17th October 2007

Super-casual today. I just wanted to wear something relaxed to contrast with my new bow-tie, squeal! I think it worked out alright! (One girl with a good haircut pointed me out to her friend, though I don’t think I was meant to see that!)

Daily outfit

New shoesPurple sandals!

Messy faux-beehive
Purple glasses by Hello Kitty!
Purple sparkly bow-tie, a gift from Nadine (smooch!)
‘Death of the Bunny Girl’ t-shirt from Topshop
Black maxi-skirt
New purple plastic sandals — they were a measly $30 from Myer (& also come in pink & lime green, if anyone is keen!).

P.S. Caitlin Marie, those pigeon-toes are especially for you! ;D