Daily Outfit — 18th August 2007 (Part II)

Daily outfit

Betsey Johnson earring (it says ‘DARLING’ with a crown in the middle… here is a close-up)
Pearls & Tarina Tarantino rings
Grey long-sleeved t-shirt
Hoodie from Cyberdog (glows under UV light & is super-warm!)
Hello Kitty bag worn around my waist
Star-print armwarmers
Black maxi-skirt
Black leggings
New Rock boots

This is what I wore to see my friend Melisa…


Long brown faux-fur coat
White t-shirt (it had fabulous sleeves)
Black stubbies (little Australian/NZ shorts!)
AMAZING boots by Emilio Pucci! I almost passed out when I realised they were boots & not stockings! Wolf-whistle ahoy!