Daily Outfit — 18th January 2007

Daily outfit

Daily outfit

Daily Outfit, 18th January 2007.

Long black thin cotton knit hoodie by Laurie Foon
“Death of the Bunny Girl” t-shirt from Topshop, which I wear all too often
Spiderman boy undies
2 different PVC shoes

This is my I’m-a-slacker-&-I’m-not-planning-on-leaving-the-house-today outfit. Though I might go out & get some coffee soon. The underpants aren’t mine. I have been eyeing them up for a long time, but could never find anything to coordinate them with since they’re so visually busy. Most frustrating! Anyway, I finally realised that something with a bit of length in a solid colour was my best bet, & lo & behold! — it worked.

Apparently some of you want to see my haircut… so here it is. I am still trying to work out how to style it. It’s so short! My initial panic is over. I no longer feel like a boy — instead I feel like Twiggy without the eyelashes, gamine & strangely grown-up. I have no emo combover to hide behind for the first time in years! I guess it was time to move on.

Gala's new haircut