Daily Outfit — 19th January 2007

Daily Outfit, 19th January 2007.

This is what I wore to the Midsumma Fest last night in Federation Square.

Druid dress by Technodolly

I bought this dress off Ebay last wear to wear at Burning Man. Technodolly is a genius & her work comes highly recommended & endorsed by me! The dress was made in colours I specified & to my exact measurements. It’s full length with a slight tail & a long pixie hood down the back. I looooove it. I actually didn’t wear it at BM a lot, but it is fantastic on & I thought a gay/lesbian festival was a good place to trot it out. Turns out I was hugely over-dressed — though some drag queens gave me a run for my money — but I was complimented by scores of saucy lesbians, so it was worth it!

I started off wearing jandals/thongs/flip-flops in the same colour as the blue in the dress, but on my way home I threw them out because they gave me blisters EVERY TIME I wore them. I decided enough was enough! Suffering for fashion is okay but it has to be worth it! Also, I my bindi.