Daily Outfit — 19th June 2008

Daily outfit

Dress like a cupcake should feel. I took it to heart this evening!

Earrings from Tokyomade (they are my favourite earrings of all time, in case you hadn’t noticed!)
Face by Reagan at MAC Flatiron (love him)
Fabulous airbrush tan by Tamar of Gotham Glow (how incredible & natural does it look?! SO happy!)
Dress ($26!) from a discount store — but they have the exact same one at Patricia Field… ! (It isn’t on the site yet but my spies tell me it will be soon!)
Patent leather belt ($12!) from the same discount store
Tarina Tarantino ring
‘Bermuda Shorts’ by Essie on my fingers & toes (it is flat & matte until you put a clear top-coat on, so weird)
Alexander McQueen heels (swoon)
Oh! & this is possibly a “too much information” scenario, but under my dress, I am wearing underpants from the upcoming iCiNG Treats collection… coming SOON!

Daily outfit

Water is the sexiest accessory. Says me! Put that in your Vogue & smoke it!

Daily outfit

My front door is magnetic. So are the butterflies I bought a couple of weeks ago. It was a photo op too great to pass up.

So, I have to say. I have never received as much attention in my ENTIRE LIFE as tonight — & I usually elicit quite a reaction from people (the tattoos & the hair are um, a pretty major attention magnet at the best of times). Everyone at the Louis Vuitton show (more on that tomorrow!) kept coming up to me, asking where my dress, belt, shoes, ring were from… & when I walked home, I honestly cannot COUNT how many compliments I received. I felt like everyone I passed was cheering me on, it was unbelievable. Guys were all, “You so sex-ay!” & girls were all, “I love your dress!” (The best part is that my neighbourhood has a major gay population, so lots of the men were actually like, “WORK IT MISS THANG!”) An elderly woman walking towards me said as she passed, “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it”! I almost fell over with joy! I grinned & laughed & smiled the whole way home.

Is there a lesson here? I think so. I could have been wearing my New Rock boots & still had the same response. The lesson is that you don’t have to be wearing expensive gear to feel fabulous & cause a RIOT on the street. It’s ALL about attitude, confidence & knowing what works for you. You don’t have to be the most beautiful, the skinniest, the wealthiest, the most intelligent or whatever other attributes you value. You just have to ROCK what you’ve got! & I know you can do it!

Daily outfit

This is me blowing kisses to all of you! My sweet nonpareils… love you all so much forever!


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