Daily Outfit — 1st December 2008

Daily outfit

Today was a Christmas shopping adventure with my friend Jennie, though I ended up just buying a whole bunch of ridiculous things for myself. It was still fun!

Daily outfit

Sparkly skull earrings
Necklace from Lucid New York
New t-shirt from Good As Gold (I bought it on Saturday, it says ‘PSYCHIC & MENTAL’ below the picture, it’s so great)
Lace tulip skirt from H&M
Pyramid stud belt
Siren heels
Swarovski crystal bracelet, wedding & Tarina Tarantino rings
Vintage purple heart-shaped sunglasses

Daily outfit

Daily outfit

Liz from Madame Rouge sent me a pair of diamante handcuffs on Saturday, & I’m in love with them! I wore them as a bracelet on Saturday night, & they looked awesome. I’m in desperate need of a new handbag, so to tide me over, I attached the handcuffs to my old one. It makes it a little bit more exciting in the interim! I guess now I am always ready to make a glamorous citizen’s arrest! Plus they make a very satisfying jangling noise.

She also sent me a weekender kit, which looks ultra-saucy! Guess now I need to find someone to use it with… Hmmm… Any volunteers?! Liz has offered iCiNG readers a special deal, too! If you buy the diamante handcuffs & weekender kit together, you’ll get $25 off the total order when you quote iCiNGcuffs at checkout! TrΓ¨s fabuleux!

Oh, & I wore my new shoes for 5 hours today, trotting around the city. By the fourth hour, my feet were starting to hurt, but it was very tolerable, & I was walking around that whole time! So if you’re contemplating buying them but holding off because of the potential pain factor, they have my endorsement! Yay!


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