Daily Outfit — 1st July 2008

Daily outfit

Sunglasses from Forever 21
Earrings from Sportsgirl
Dress also from Forever 21 (purchased on a crazy shopping blitz with dear Emrys!)
Patent leather belt — same one I wore to the Louis Vuitton party (yes, I only have one belt with me!)
Typewriter key bracelet from M Design Boutique, charm bracelet, Swarovski crystal bracelet (a gift from the Cosmo beauty closet!)
Black patent leather zip heels

Daily outfit

Okay: the shoes. I love them. (Want a close-up?) They are comfortable — actually have arch support! They give me major height. They remind me of the Christian Louboutin Rodita — except a fraction of the price, & with the excitement value cranked WAY up. They also kind of make me feel like I have wrapped my feet with licorice straps & that totally appeals to me. Oh, & you can buy your own here! (I picked mine up from a goth boutique near Union Square.)

Daily outfit

I am totally into the contrast of patent leather with florals. Yum.

Daily outfit

Close-up of les jangles. (Not the technical term.) I am mad about noisy bracelets at the moment, & these are the three I wear pretty much every day. I wanted to show you because well, my new typewriter charm bracelet totally rocks my world (thank you Melissa!). Also, after yesterday where I encouraged you to make a charm bracelet with totems that reminded you of what you wanted, a few of you asked about what’s on mine!

Here goes. Mine has a typewriter, to remind me to keep writing; a teepee (or as I call it, a “wigpee”) which is about creating sacred spaces; an opening & closing set of vampire teeth (um, they were too cool not to buy!); a dachshund — no prizes for guessing why this is on there!; a wishbone, which reminds me to create my own luck; a fortune cookie (another one that was too cool not to buy); a cupcake (iCiNG!); & a witches hat, which reminds me to believe in magic, to stay weird, to recognise my own power & remember who I was as a child — I was witch obsessed, among other things!

I want more charms though… always, always…


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