Daily Outfit — 1st October 2007

I wasn’t kidding about the tennis chic, either!

Daily outfit

Black turban from Sportsgirl (that still amazes me)
Pink sunglasses (but wouldn’t a pair of Chanel 5018’s look much better?!)
Stella McCartney for Adidas tennis dress (new!)
Mint green knit sweater by Line 7
Black leggings
Chinese-print wedges
Silver bangles from Sportsgirl
Big pink Tarina Tarantino easter egg ring
Knotted pearls

Daily outfit

Today is beautiful. I was overheated in my sweater, actually. There are people everywhere & the sun is shining & it’s giving me hints of how the summer will be… I am so excited!

Also, can I mention that I felt totally saucy in this outfit?