Daily Outfit — 20th May 2008

For those of who you don’t know, I moved into my very own apartment last night! There are not enough exclamation marks in the entire world to demonstrate my excitement, glee, happiness & relief! I am staying in a superb apartment in the West Village until the end of July, & I made a little video tour of it if you want to see my new digs!

Anyway, finally I can see my clothing (I have a wardrobe!) & set up my camera & tripod (there is lots of space!) & get dressed up & trot around! So I thought it was time for a daily outfit photo. Long overdue, hmm?

Daily outfit

Mouse hat with ‘Gala’ stitched on the front (thanks, Disney!)
Silver earrings from Sportsgirl
Black scarf (it’s really cold!)
Long-sleeved black merino wool top
Grey v-neck t-shirt from American Apparel
High-waisted culottes from H&M (purchased yesterday; so much love)
Black socks
Ankle booties!

Daily outfit

Daily outfitGala Maus reporting for duty, sir yes sir!

Now I am going to go & find a laundromat, meet No Impact Man for coffee & delight in the fact that I have a home!