Daily Outfit — 20th September 2007

Daily outfit

Please excuse the ultra-serious (cyborg) expression! This outfit kind of makes me feel like Victoria Beckham if she was a riding instructor… so you know, smiling is out.

Daily outfit

Hat by Burberry
Big pink-framed sunglasses
‘Death of the Bunny Girl’ t-shirt from Topshop
Yellow bow belt by World
Black high-waisted skirt
Boots from Dizingof
Pearls & Tarina Tarantino rings

This is a truly international ensemble. The hat is from NYC, the sunglasses & skirt are from Auckland (New Zealand), the t-shirt is from London, the belt is from Wellington (New Zealand), the boots are from Melbourne, the pearls are from Sydney… hee!

Okay, I am going on a secret mission now. Bye!