Daily Outfit — 22nd March 2008

Daily outfit

Black knit beret from Sportsgirl
Black eye-glasses (I’ve had these for years!)
Dyrberg-Kern necklace
Black & white striped tie from Topshop
Black knit dress
Black cardigan from Ricochet (NZ)
Black jeans from Sportsgirl
Belt from Starfish (NZ)
Dizingof boots

Daily outfit

This is what I wore to go shopping today… I felt kind of like a French schoolgirl.

I had a big list of things to buy, mostly food (I love Karen Knowler!), but also I wanted to get some new shoes & maybe a pair of sunglasses. Well, lucky me — I came across a cute little shop called Brimelows Boutique where they had good quality sunglasses for $39 a pair.

So I bought two!

New sunglasses!

The ones on the left are my standard shape — big & round. I love big, round sunglasses. I always sit on them, though, so remind me not to sit on these ones! The ones on the right are a bit more “sophisticated”. I love them too.

I went to (what felt like) every shoe shop in the city. There isn’t a lot on offer in the way of insane platform boots, which is really what I was after. I wanted something racy with a heel but other than that, I couldn’t tell you what I was looking for, only that I would know it when I found it.

I am still deep in lust with the crazy Frankenstein boots at Dizingof but I can tell from trying them on that they fall really short on practicality. It’s sad, because they really are smoochable, but there’s no good in owning shoes you can’t wear!

I tried on some Miu Miu platform boots which looked just like these except with a little gold metal stamp on the front. They were reduced to $399 & were extremely sexy but the 39 was too big & that was all they had. So I kept walking.

Until I found these.

New shoes!

They are not my ultimate Winter boot. I am still hunting for that. But these will definitely do in the meantime!