Daily Outfit — 23rd April 2008

Daily outfit

Kenzo vintage scarf
Big sunglasses
Mink Pink “Private Eye” Trenchcoat from Freez (only $79 [!] & I luuuurve it — also Freez is one of our sponsors so go & check them out!)
Black stockings
Boots from Dizingof
Charm & ‘Thoughts Become Things’ bracelets
Leather gloves with the fingertips cut off!
Dachshund bag (with the chain off) from Love On A Leash (new favourite thing, it has been living in my bed)
MAC Red lipstick

Daily outfit

Emerald’s boss, a hirsute man with an eternal case of morning breath, told her she was the “most conspicuous spy in the universe” before firing her (& her dog, Salvador) one rainy Tuesday.

Nowadays she operates a small, doddering practise from her bed-sit in Hollywood. If she was the star of a book series, like Nancy Drew (her personal heroine), the titles might be…

The Case Of The Washing-Line Thief
The Mystery Of The Last Biscuit
Spooky Times On The Midtown Bus
The Puzzle Of The Late Rent Cheque

Daily outfit

Emerald & Salvador love to watch America’s Most Wanted & share peanut butter sandwiches. They are available for immediate hire. They accept cash, cheques, dog biscuits, bourbon & all restaurant coupons.


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