Daily Outfit — 23rd January 2007

Daily outfit

Daily Outfit, 23rd January 2007

Black foofy dress from Laurie Foon
‘The Witches’ t-shirt (from Dangerfield)
Pink striped head-scarf
Black pyramid-stud belt
Big round sunglasses (I like them & I don’t give a damn what you think!)
Black peeptoe slingback heels with stacked wooden heel

Very comfortable outfit. Didn’t feel like getting too dressed up today, & I haven’t left the house except to go to Starbucks! The sunglasses are the best part of the outfit, they make me feel invincible (as I said in my article on sunglasses, that’s what they should do). The only problem with the ensemble is that the waist of the dress hangs very low, & the t-shirt shrunk in the wash (GRRRR!) meaning it is now too short for my torso! The belt kind of helps, but still, it’s not perfect. I need a wider selection of t-shirts. Might be time to hit up the vintage men’s t-shirt section on Ebay…