Daily Outfit — 24th January 2007

Daily outfit

Daily outfit

Daily outfit

Daily Outfit, 24th January 2007.

This is what I wore to buy a lamp & a salad!

Shirt from Zara (Norway)
Purple polka-dot tie from H&M (Norway)
Black super-flares from some weird shop in Camden (London)
Black pyramid-stud belt (San Francisco)
Platform New Rocks (also from Camden but bought about three or four years apart)
Purple bunny ears from a toyshop in Wellington (New Zealand) — they don’t call me bunnyhead for nothin’!
I am also wearing Parfait Amour eyeshadow from MAC (I love to match my eyeshadow to my accessories) & Miss Dior Cherie perfume.

I planned this outfit out yesterday (I saw the tie in my drawer & realised I had never even worn it!), thinking it would be too hot to wear & I would die of heat exhaustion. Ha! The weather is behaving beautifully, it is windy & procellous & my outfit is perfect. I forgot how to knot my tie but thankfully Google came to the rescue & gave me a diagram. Phew. Half-windsor ahoy!

I’m also wearing Miss Dior Cherie perfume for the first time in ages. It was created while John Galliano was listening to “My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder, apparently! (Hey, that’s now three times I’ve mentioned Stevie Wonder on here!) I received it last year around Christmas, which, coincidentally was one of the most exciting romantic periods of my life. So now, whenever I wear it, I feel really gorgeous, desired, happy & free. The reviews I’ve read of it call it “boy bait” (seriously!) & say, “Miss Dior Cherie will grab you, dance around you in circles, and leave you craving for more” — from here. Anyway, it’s true. You should test it out.

This outfit is great, no complaints, I feel great!