Daily Outfit — 24th May 2008

Silver sequinned Disney ears
Silver earrings from Sportsgirl
American Apparel sweater
Skirt from Ricochet (NZ)
Silver mesh heels from Nine West
Blue gem Tarina Tarantino ring
‘GALA’ initial rings from Girlprops

Great photo, right?! New York is such a fantastic place to take pictures. My day consisted of street-style hunting with Craig of Altamira NYC (like I did last Saturday!). It was so much fun!

Then, on our way back from eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, I saw a man with sparkling blue eyes smile at me as he walked past. I grabbed Craig’s arm & hissed, “That was Marc Jacobs!”

Craig has taken his photograph before, so we went back & said hello. Marc shook my hand (!) & told me he loved my hair! I was so excited & he is totally charming. Best celebrity sighting in NYC so far, for sure. I also saw Norelle from America’s Next Top Model cycle 3 on Broadway, but I don’t know if that counts… !