Daily Outfit — 25th May 2007

Daily outfit

I was meant to go to a fashion parade last night but I got there late because… I was getting dressed! It doesn’t get any more fashion than that. Then I went to the opening of Ocean Blue, a club on the pier in Port Melbourne. The crowd was a bit university-students-with-money. My friend Allan asked me incredulously, “Don’t you like house music?!”. Squawk! How weird. Anyway, here is what I wore. I danced more during the photos than I did when I went out.

Daily outfit

Massively teased hair, wrapped in a purple turban (I also stuck a turquoise feather in there)
Fur coat (faux), bought for approximately $40 NZ before Burning Man last year. This thing saved my life out there in the desert, it is sooo warm & I love the collar
Pearls tied in a knot
Dress from World, which I absolutely love but which gives me grief every time I wear it. I kind of liked it with the sash undone but I figured that if I bent over at all, it would drag on the ground. Not so pleasant in a club, really. So, before I left the house I tied the pink satin sash around my waist, but the satin is way too heavy & slips down — so I had to pin it together. Also this dress is one of those items that always ends up smelling sweaty, even if you only wear it for about five minutes. I hate that! & it’s handwash only so as you can imagine, I hardly ever wear it. Boo, because it’s gorgeous.
Purple lamΓ© leggings from American Apparel. (Do you know that if you google “lamΓ© leggings” my website is the second hit after American Apparel?)
Black legwarmers over the top, safety-pinned on so they wouldn’t slip off
Chinese-print wedges
Purple pacifier strung onto purple shoelaces around my wrist (I am totally channelling Claudia Kishi)!


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