Daily Outfit — 27th April 2009

Daily outfit

Hello, I cut out all my extensions! Marie Antoinette 2009!

Black button-down tank
Pink mini from Forever 21
Pink floral belt off a dress, also from Forever 21
Baby pink flower headband, again from Forever 21!
Black high-heeled booties, from Strawberry (yes really)
Necklace from Cupcakes & Mace
Rings: Cupcakes & Mace, Girlprops, Dyrberg/Kern, Tarina Tarantino, wedding ring & crown
Sunglasses from Strawberry

Daily outfit

As I was taking these photos, two hipster dudes in very tight pants walked down the street. Then they saw what I was doing, & took a seat directly opposite me on a stoop, & stared. FUN! I was going to tell them that they were making me feel self-conscious, & then I decided it was my issue, so I should just do my thing… !

Daily outfit

I like these sunglasses a lot & they were $7.99! It’s hard to tell in photos but they are almost the exact same shape as Prada’s butterfly sunglasses. & much less trauma if I sit on them by mistake! (It has been known to happen.)

Daily outfit

I did my make-up differently today too. I used (all MAC) Vanilla eye-shadow on my lids, Pink Venus eye-shadow in the outer corners & did my lashline with Nocturnelle eye-shadow. I think it worked out okay!


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