Daily Outfit — 27th February 2009

Daily outfit

Greetings from Hollywood!

Tonight I went out for dinner, a party & a fender-bender (yes!) with Sam, Tim & Zoetica. It was so good to finally meet Zo after years of online communique, & she is way adorable in person.

‘Darling’ Betsey Johnson earrings
NEON pink bra from Forever 21 (new!)
Oversized printed tank from Forever 21 (new!)
Black lame American Apparel leggings
Blazer (on loan from Jazzi, who I love!)
Faux Alexander Wang platforms from Forever 21 (you guessed it: new!)
Super-bright neon pink handbag (on loan from Jazzi!)
Bracelet & ring assortment

Daily outfit

In other news, I went shopping today. I had missed Forever 21 a whole bunch. I love this outfit even though it’s not really “my style”. It’s kind of fun though, like wearing a costume.

Daily outfit

I know these photos are kind of blurry. But how pretty is that pool? Very pretty.

Daily outfit


When that whole fringe thing came in I was totally anti, but then I realised my strong emotions on the subject were not actually loathing, they were love. I picked up — as in literally picked up with my hand to examine them — the real deal at Barney’s on Wednesday. They were extremely heavy & also about $500. Forever 21’s rip-off of them have the following advantages. 1. Cheap. ($34.50.) 2. Light. (As in much lighter.) 3. Yay. (Everything is better in 3’s!)

P.S. I love Los Angeles.


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