Daily Outfit — 28th October 2008

Daily Outfit

This is what I wore to meet Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen at their book signing at Barnes & Noble! Honestly, they are so adorable in person that it actually hurts. I used to have a mild crush on Mary-Kate Olsen. It has now exploded into a major crush-fest on both of them. Aaaaarrghhhhhh!

Black merino wool singlet
Laurie Foon hooded sweatshirt
Black leather miniskirt
Ripped black stockings
Sparkly Betsey Johnson leggings
Guess Borda platform stilettos
Sparkly skull earrings
Pyramid stud belt
Wedding, Tarina Tarantino & CHAPTER rings

(Sorry about the weird lighting.)

Daily Outfit

Just hanging out on my coffee table… You know how we do.

Daily Outfit

Oh yeah! You may have noticed my hair is about a billion times shorter. Where my extensions were joined was getting all matted, it wasn’t pretty, so on Saturday my new hairdresser (who is a Virgo with a tattooed face, a British accent & a major air of CUTE) came to my house, removed them & combed out my unintentional dreadlocks for three hours. It hurt more than getting tattooed, I swear.

So I have short hair for a while — I feel weird, like half my body is missing — but on Thursday, we’re putting them back in again, plus more. I did have 77, we’re increasing the number to 300. 300! I am going to have a mane of epic proportions! I can’t wait to see how it looks!

Daily Outfit

Also, it was really cold today. What did you wear?


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