Daily Outfit — 29th July 2007

Here’s what I wore to the Sydney fashion blogger’s high tea. (Minus the fur coat!)

Daily outfit

Daily outfit

Pink scarf
New pearls (the clasp on my old ones broke, boo!)
Heart-shaped clock on a chain (with pink diamantes & all)
Black v-neck 3/4 sleeve shirt
Black dress from Portmans
Black stockings
New boots from Dizingof
New bag too!

I had such a good time at the high tea! I am always a bit anxious & weird in those sorts of situations but hopefully I didn’t come across like too much of a goober! HA! I didn’t take any pictures but when I see anyone else’s, I will post them! Thank you, Sara, for inviting me, & thank you everyone else for being so sweet & lovely!

(Also, my server has been on the blink for the past couple of days. I think now all the problems have been sorted out but I am sorry to anyone who feels cheated from a lack of iCiNG!)