Daily Outfit — 29th March 2007

Lunch avec Bella at a Japanese restaurant.

White froofy dress (bought years & years ago in Wellington, New Zealand for $20)
Black sweater-dress from Sportsgirl
Flat knee-high lace-up boots from my mother
Red leopard-print scarf, also from my mother
Mario necklace — it never sold on Ebay, so now it is MINE! (Demonic laugh etc.)
Black beads, which I used to thrash but now barely wear
Red belt
WWII Belgian satchel ($60, Auckland, New Zealand)

I neverrrr wear red usually. Initially I thought just the two dresses would be fine, but I looked like a marshmallow so it needed to be belted. I tried wearing them with a yellow belt (which looks like a bow), but I just don’t like white & yellow together, it’s a bit… eggy for my tastes! Hence, the red.