Daily Outfit — 2nd March 2007

Daily outfit

Daily outfit

Daily Outfit, 2nd March 2007.

This is what I wore to see Marie Antoinette in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Hundreds of people sitting in a big clearing, the moon shining above, bats flying around our heads (seriously). It is less idyllic than it sounds. The bats were cool, though.

Black headscarf
Red animal print scarf around my neck
Black Carhartt singlet (it was so overpriced for what it is but thus far [couple of years down the track] it has held up really well)
Long black pleated skirt from H&M (I have owned this since I was 15)
Black & white striped socks (have not been part of an ensemble in a long time)
New Rock boots (10 years old)

Also, last night I received a comment regarding the appearance of someone I’d linked, saying something along the lines of “nasty emaciated bulemic (sic) body”. I’ve deleted it & banned the I.P. of the commenter.

People have enough trouble accepting themselves without other people hurling hateful comments their way. I have absolutely no tolerance for this kind of behaviour & I won’t condone it by letting it slip past. Other people’s bodies are not your business!

There are a lot of other websites devoted to tearing people down because of how they look. This isn’t one of them.

In my experience, the only reason people talk bitterly about others is because of an intense personal dissatisfaction. I’m sorry for you, but kindly take your neuroses elsewhere. Merci!