Daily Outfit — 2nd October 2007

Daily outfit

Turban from Sportsgirl. I’m not going to wear it every day, I promise, but I’m still obsessed with the high novelty factor!
Knotted pearls
New collage-print t-shirt from MNG, which, in Europe, is Mango. (I didn’t even know we had Mango here! The whole shop is pretty great & very reasonably priced.) The t-shirt is amazing, it has pictures of Clara Bow, fans, makeup, peacock feathers, pearls etc., but with a modern vibe. I love it, it’s so perfect for my new aesthetic!
Black cardigan from Ricochet, buttons in the back as well as the front
Black pleated skirt, also from Ricochet
My father’s grey trouser socks, pulled up in a faux-Prada fashion
New Rock boots
Silver bangles from Sportsgirl & Tarina Tarantino easter egg ring.


Flying spaghetti monster!  RaaarrrrRRrrrR!