Daily Outfit — 30th April 2008

Daily outfit

It’s sooooo cold!

Daily outfit

Silver dangly earrings from Sportsgirl
Stephanie Simek powder necklace
Grey jersey by Workshop
Vintage leather jacket
Skirt by Ricochet
Black stockings
Black/silver legwarmers from Sportsgirl
Ruched leather ankle boots

Necklace by Stephanie Simek

Do you like my amazing necklace? It’s so delicate & very unlike what I would normally wear, but I absolutely love it. It was designed by Stephanie Simek, & at first glance it just looks like a shell coated in silver. But it has a secret! There are tiny holes drilled in the bottom. That’s because it comes with a little bottle of silver mineral powder, & you use this teeny silver funnel (which is attached to the clasp) to pour it inside the shell. Then, when you wear it, it sprinkles a little bit across your d├ęcolletage. FAB-U-LOUS! Stephanie Simek is a genius — she also made the eyelash necklace that you’ve probably seen all over the place (see also: next on my list). Love it! Swoon!

Also — I know it’s been a bit quiet around here lately, & I’m sorry about that! I have big plans which you will know about before the week is over! My love for you is as strong as ever!