Daily Outfit — 31st August 2007

Last day of August, wow!

Daily outfit

Scrunchy face!

Nadia & I went kimono shopping yesterday, & I found one I am in love with. Dark blue fabric with hot pink blossoms. It’s very long though — would drag on the ground behind me — so I am thinking about buying it & having it altered so that it is knee-length & making an obi out of the leftover fabric. It is only $60! Long story short, I think yesterday’s kimono excursion impacted on today’s outfit…

Big teased hair (+ Hello kitty clip)
Hello Kitty purple glasses!
Long black dress by Laurie Foon
Black cardigan from Ricochet, half-buttoned
Fabric belt (from black dress) worn around my waist — it’s purple on the back & black on the front
Black stockings with pink/purple hearts
New Rock boots
Pearls & Tarina Tarantino rings

I am about to go for a long walk.