Daily Outfit — 3rd August 2007

Daily outfit

Today, I dressed as Miss Schiaparelli Antoinette, a distant relative of the beheaded monarch.

Pearls & heart-shaped clock
Black & pink polka-dot bustier
Knit dress
Black leggings
Pink PVC heels
Tarina Tarantino ring & Swarovski bracelet
New glasses!

Daily outfit

Schiaparelli’s friends all call her “Disco Strawberry”. She loves to go out dancing & when the clubs close, she ushers all her friends into the back of her limo where they drink champagne from paper cups & sing ABBA songs. Her boyfriend wears really-super-extra-tight yellow & black zebra-print PVC trousers & is probably infertile, for which they are glad. Her bedroom is a mess of clothes, wigs, saucers of old cake & cold teapots. She is easily bored & doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Her temper tantrums are more famous than she is.

Daily outfit
Daily outfit“It’s exhausting being fabulous!”