Daily Outfit — 3rd July 2007

Today I am channelling Diana Vreeland/Little Edie — hence the serious face! Well, Diana/Edie if they were alive today… a futuristic reincarnation, maybe.

It’s a beautiful day, in fact I’ve had the balcony door open all morning, so yes, I am quite warm, thank you! (I know you cuties worry about these things!)

Daily outfit

Daily outfitLittle Edie LIVES!

Daily outfit

Pink scarf
House of Flying Daggers dress by World
Cardigan by Ricochet (only buttoned at the top)
Manolo Blahnik black heels (swoon)
Three clear lucite bangles, new obsession
Tarina Tarantino skull ring

Perhaps I am a little dressed up to check the PO Box?

Daily outfit

P.S. I do not advocate smoking — it is ageing & smelly! But I’m playing a character, & Diana was very fond of Lucky Strikes. So, uh, put that in your pipe & smoke it! Wink wink.