Daily Outfit — 3rd March 2007

Daily outfit, 3rd March 2007.

The temperature is definitely dropping. I don’t know if I’d call it autumn just yet, but very soon.

Striped long-sleeved t from Portmans
Sass & Bide jeans
Black slip
White slip
Cowboy boots
Red scarf around my neck

I felt good in this, though I do loathe my glasses so I guess that put a damper on things. Usually I feel like a total urchin in these slips, they are my “comfort wear” when I can’t think of anything else to wear, they are old with torn hems & ughh! But I think the scarf & the jeans made it acceptable.

In other news, I can barely talk & I feel like death! Big weekend. (I am in love with honey & lemon Strepsils.) I wish I had photos of my outfit from Saturday night, it was mad cute. Maybe I should re-create it for your viewing pleasure.